Standard Customizable Molds

Standard Customizable Molds

We offer a selection of standard molds that can be cost effectively customized to suit your needs.

Ice Molds

4 Cavity Whiskey Ice Cube Mold (1.5 inch)

It’s not official until it’s etched in ice! Our hand-poured silicone molds have been rigorously tested to minimize distortion of your design. 

4 Cavity Whiskey Ice Cube Mold (2 inch)

Best for a rocks glass, up your old fashioned game with our larger 2 inch cubes for maximum class.

Whiskey Ice Ball Mold (2.5 inch)

Don’t be a square – get your logo on balls of ice! Just assemble the two mold halves, pour water down the sprue to fill, and freeze.

Chocolate Molds

Chocolate Bar Mold

It’s a chocolate bar mold… need we say more? Get your logo on one of the most delicious substances known to science.

Soap Molds

Hand Soap Mold (2" diameter)

It’s more important than ever to wash your hands… but you may not want to rub off the custom design from your new cute hand soaps.