Fully Custom Molds

Are you looking to elevate your brand, business, or event? Or are you on the hunt for that perfect gift- either for a friend, loved one or yourself?

Rest assured, you’re in the right place!

Our Process


We want to learn more about you and what you’re looking for. We’ll talk about designs, uses, dimensions, and quantities of your molds- whether it’s specialty ice cubes for craft cocktails, branded chocolates and fondant for your bake shop, or distinctive soaps for your Etsy store. We’ll settle on pricing and timing and kick off your project.



We use the latest computer aided design software to develop 3D models of what your mold – and what you’re molding – will look like. Whether you need some help with your design, or know exactly what you want, we’ll build it with you. And we’ll send proofs along the way for your feedback and approval.



We’ll take the design we developed together and print high resolution three dimensional dies, or mold negatives. Hot off the printer, we’ll do some post-processing to give your dies the smooth finish and impeccable detail they need to cast perfect silicone molds.



Finally, a positive from the negative. We cast liquid silicone over your die, which cures into a durable, food-safe mold. Any post processing to clean up the final product happens here. We’ll send you a sample if you like, and once you’ve had an opportunity to try it out, we’ll send you the rest.


Our Prices

Our prices for custom commissioned molds vary widely, but typically a our custom molding projects will start at $250 for a single mold and go up from there depending on size, complexity, silicone used, and quantity. Additional molds are cheaper since a lot of the upfront cost includes development time and tooling costs.


Example pricing breakdown:

Jeff has commissioned a set of 5 custom hexagonal candle molds that include his logo and are made to his spec. The Hon’s over at Hon Molds built this pricing model for him:

Total Cost: $450 (excluding shipping)

How We Work

Once we make a mold negative for your project, we hang on to it which means you can always reorder additional molds in the future without paying for design time or tooling again. In addition, all of our commissions are the exclusive property of the customer and will not be shared or distributed without the consent of the customer.


Inquire About a Project

Reach out, we won’t bite! And we’ll get back to you fast…